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Becoming a Reality



What I can do for you...

I have laid out my pricing plans on this page as a guide to help you budget for your special event. If you don't see your special request listed here, please give me a call and we can discuss what my fees would be to help you get exactly what you want. 

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  • Please provide at least 10% extra envelopes or place cards.

  • A $200 deposit is required to reserve space on calendar to address envelopes.

  • Payment in full is required before items are released or shipped to the client.

  • Payment in full is required prior to starting any custom designs such as invitation design or spot calligraphy.

  • All delivery, shipping and courier fees are the responsibility of the client.

  • After envelopes/place or escort cards are delivered, I charge a $15 set up fee plus the cost per item, for each addition or change. Try to make sure you have everyone added and everything correct before delivery.

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  • $50 for any envelope addressing or place/escort card order.

  • $65 for any engraving order.

  • $150 for any original artwork such as quotes, poetry or wedding vows.

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  • Price is based on three lines per outer envelope and one line per inner envelope.

  • Prices do not include lettering the return address on each envelope. If you would like the return address in calligraphy to match the invitation and addressing, this can be done once and printed on each envelope flap.

  • Your guest list should be in Word Mailing Label Format with all abbreviations spelled out. Ie: Cities, States, Apartment, Number, Unit, “and Family” and “The Future.”

  • Additional Embellishments such as Flourishing or Illustrations will incur additional fees.

  • Prices are for left-indented layout. If you prefer a different layout such as centering, please let me know.

  • Please visit the Envelope Addressing page for options and templates.

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  • Outer and Inner Envelope Set — $4.50

  • Outer Envelope Only — $3.75

  • Per additional line — $0.50

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  • Outer and Inner Envelope Set — $6.00

  • Outer Envelope Only — $4.50

  • Per additional line — $0.50

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  • Place Card with single name only — $1.50 each

  • Escort tent cards with names written on the outside and table assignment on either the front or inside — $2.75 each

  • Escort envelopes with insert cards — $2.75 each

  • Table Signs — Price depends on size and layout. Request a quote.

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Note: These prices are based on number of lines and added embellishments

  • Invitation Design — $650

  • Ceremony Card — $400

  • Reception Card — $300

  • Save the Date — $350

  • Response Card and Envelope Set — $300

  • Couples Full Names Only — $350

  • Return Address for Envelope Flap — $75

  • Monograms — Price varies based on design complexity. Request a quote.

  • Full payment is due prior to beginning the design.   

  • The price of the design includes up to three requests for minor changes to the design.  Any changes requested after may incur additional fees.

  • The client and stationer/printer are responsible for all proofreading and ensuring that the text and layout are correct before going to print.

  • If there is an error in the proof and the client does not notify me before the artwork is printed, the client agrees that Sterling Calligraphy is not liable, and the client will bear the cost of additional design or printing fees necessary to correct the error. 

  • The artwork will be provided to you in an electronic format and emailed to your printer or stationer for printing.

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Please request a quote. The price depends on:

  • Number of words

  • Calligraphy Style

  • Additional Embellishments

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